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National Review--Dave LaRock’s Virginia Campus Free Speech Resolution

By STANLEY KURTZ  February 21, 2017 7:11 PM

Virginia Delegate Dave LaRock (R-Clarke, Frederick, and Loudoun Counties) has just filed House Resolution 431, The Campus Free Speech Resolution. HR 431 is based on the model legislation I co-authored with Jim Manley and Jonathan Butcher of Arizona’s Goldwater Institute....

Explaining his reason for taking up the Goldwater proposal on campus free speech, Del. LaRock said, “Virginia is the cradle of democracy and it is a disgrace that many universities have lost track of the idea that it is their responsibility to uphold free-speech principles… By passing this measure we are communicating to universities and the public that students are in school to learn how to think; they are not going to college to be protected from differing opinions.”

Del. LaRock lashes out at critics amid growing calls to resign

By Nathaniel Cline Jan 13, 2021

“First, let me make it clear, 17,664 voters put me in office and I have no intention of caving to ridiculous politically motivated demands any more than President Trump will roll over to impeachment efforts by Nancy Pelosi,” LaRock said in a prepared statement.

LaRock attended at least two Stop the Steal rallies — on Nov. 15 in Loudoun County and Jan. 6 in Washington, D.C. — supporting claims of voter fraud in the Nov. 3 presidential election when former Vice President Joe Biden (D) defeated President Donald Trump (R)....

“I have stayed loyal to the President even now as RINOs are jumping ship and that won’t end. Democrat Trump haters want to humiliate our president and they want to intimidate me and make me unelectable,” LaRock said in his statement issued Tuesday.

Most conservative and most liberal legislators in Richmond and Club for Growth awards

by Jeanine Martin July 23, 2021

This week The Roanoke Times published the results of a well known model for ranking our legislators in Richmond from the most liberal to the most conservative. I’m proud to say my Delegate, Dave LaRock, was listed as the most conservative. Delegate Lachrecse Aird is the most liberal. The most conservative state senator is Amanda Chase. The most liberal is Mamie Locke.

Top five most conservative Delegates:

  1. Dave LaRock
  2. Nick Freitas
  3. Todd Gilbert
  4. Thomas Wright
  5. Mark Cole
...Also this week, the Club For Growth announced its Defender of Economic Freedom awards for Virginia state legislators.

“The Club for Growth recognizes elected officials who, on the Foundation’s scorecard, score 90% or better in a given calendar year and maintain lifetime scores of 90% or better as Defenders of Economic Freedom”. The following Virginia state lawmakers won the award:

  • Del. Nick Freitas (HD-30) – 100%
  • Del. Mark Cole (HD-88) – 99%
  • Del. Dave LaRock (HD-33) – 98%
  • Del. Todd Gilbert (HD-15) – 97%
  • Del. Amanda Batten (HD-96) – 93%

Virginia delegate defends mob march, faces calls for ouster

By MATTHEW BARAKAT January 13, 2021


AG Herring Issues Advisory Opinion to Avoid LaRock Lawsuit

Va. Republican demands opinion on transgender issues from attorney general

LaRock said Herring’s pattern of advocacy “infuriates” him.

“All this while he waltzes around the country making headlines and promoting things that have nothing to do with what the taxpayers of Virginia hired him do to,” he said at a news conference. “I’m just about fed up trying to get the attorney general to just do his job.”

Loudoun County business owner sues Northam over pandemic-related restrictions

State Del. Dave LaRock (R-33rd) said he supports his constituent’s lawsuit to overturn Northam’s orders.

“When Governor Northam started writing executive orders in March, he claimed emergency executive authority,” LaRock said in a prepared statement. “The executive orders Northam has issued go far beyond what the law allows, not only in time, but in scope, as over 700,000 Virginians have lost their jobs under the governor's forced shutdown and micro-regulation of Virginia's businesses. Ending these restrictions is long overdue, and I'm pleased to stand with my friend and neighbor, Jon Tigges, to liberate Virginia's businesses and citizens.”

Commentary open Forum: New 'rights' for LGBTQ folks?

It is right and compassionate to follow the sound advice of medical experts and protect kids from LGBTQ propaganda. I encourage people to be willing to take an objective look at the facts and not be intimidated as they work to keep kids on a path to healthy adulthood.

Del. Dave LaRock (R-Hamilton) said this week in a phone interview with the Winchester Star that the state should not provide special rights or protections for “chosen sexual habits.” LaRock previously said transgender people have a mental disorder and that it would be “very disturbing” if they were able to teach a kindergarten class. LaRock also wrote an op-ed in 2017 in which he compared gay people and “gender impersonators” to smokers, saying “Like smoking, homosexuality has many serious health-related consequences.”

Frederick County, Va. leaders rescind vote to protect LGBT employees from discrimination and harassment

Del. David LaRock (R-Hamilton) played a role. He tells FOX 5 he believes being gay is a choice and in an opinion piece, compared gays and “gender impersonators” to smokers. 

“A whole variety of things, negative health outcomes, consequences are related to homosexual behavior,” LaRock said.

LaRock, who lives in Frederick County, said he doesn’t believe LGBT employees need to be specifically protected from discrimination. He said he contacted supervisors Blaine Dunn and Charles DeHaven to let them know the policy change could violate state law. Because Virginia doesn't specifically protect LGBT people from discrimination, LaRock maintains the county is overstepping its authority. He also argues the policy is unnecessary because he’s heard of no LGBT discrimination cases in Frederick County. LaRock said he doesn't believe the intentions of the policy are really about protecting gay workers.

“The fact that there was no incidents that occurred that brought about the policy would cause me to say, ‘No, that's not its purpose,’” he said. “It's purpose is to advance the LGBT agenda. To normalize behaviors that, quite frankly, many people disagree with.”

Virginia House Passes Legislation Aimed at Banning ‘Divisive’ Concepts in Public Schools

LaRock’s bill is all but certain to meet a quick death in the Democrat-controlled Senate, where legislators already rejected a similar Youngkin-supported bill from Sen. Jen Kiggans, R-Virginia Beach. But the opposing votes between the two chambers speaks to the fierce debate still occurring over public education in Virginia, a core aspect of Youngkin’s campaign platform.

“I think this bill gets into legislating emotions and beliefs,” said Del. Schuyler VanValkenburg, D-Henrico, a public school civics teacher who’s become a vocal critic of many of the administration’s initiatives. “And to paraphrase Chief Justice John Roberts, I think that is a sordid business.”

The legislation would ban any public school employee from teaching concepts largely related to race, including that “one race or sex is inherently superior” to another. Like the Senate bill and Youngkin’s executive order, it takes aim at equity initiatives adopted by some Virginia school districts, some of which have focused on the concept of privilege among students or racial affinity groups among teachers intended to provide “safe spaces” for educators to speak about their experiences. 

LaRock’s bill would ban educators from teaching students that any individual is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, “whether consciously or unconsciously,” or that an individual bears responsibility for past actions committed by members of the same race or sex. 


LaRock: SOGI Laws Signal End For Woman Owned ... - Bearing Drift  OP-ED / February 1, 2016

Letter opposing Loudoun Pride Resolution: Del. Dave LaRock (R-33), Hamilton


We asked 16 Loudoun County Republicans if they support Donald Trump.                        

GOP looks for ways to curb abortions even without a ban

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