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Dave LaRock considers himself to be a God-fearing, Bible-believing, Constitutional conservative.

He and his wife Joanne have been married for 41 years, and live in Clarke County. All but one of their seven children and 19 grandchildren also live in the Shenandoah Valley. Dave and Joanne made the decision to homeschool all their children starting about 35 years ago and believe others should have that choice available to them.

Dave LaRock has served in the Virginia House of Delegates, representing most of Clarke County and Northeast Frederick County, since January 2014. In 2023, Dave is running to continue serving the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia's 1st Senate District, comprised of Clarke, Frederick, Shenandoah, and Warren Counties, and the City of Winchester. Friends, neighbors, and people Dave has worked with over the years trust him as a man of his word.

Dave’s Pledge to the people of Virginia's 1st Senate District
"I work to fix the problems that plague the Commonwealth.
 I give voters my promise that I will continue to provide honest, fair, and conservative leadership, to protect our rights and fight for high quality services and lower taxes."

Dave and Joanne were active in the local home school network, and support their church community and their family members who have devoted much time ministering to impoverished people in Belize, Ghana, and Brazil.

Joanne and Dave have grown a successful small business as a general contractor. As the manager of the business, Dave has a proven track record as an innovator and problem-solver. The success of this business proves his abilities to negotiate complex contracts and interact with government agencies. Dave has hand-picked teams and tackled big projects while staying within set budgets. 

“My family and I love living in this beautiful rural area. This is our home and we would like our children to be able to make it their home. Raising a family, running a household and a business has taught me the importance of making careful decisions. I am sure that spending wisely and sticking to the conservative principles we share is the way to improve everyone’s quality of life. 
 The people of this district want high-quality services without massive tax increases. We are paying more than enough in taxes, but spending is out of control. I’d like to change that.”

Dave has a 10-year track record of legislative leadership working to protect families, children, and the unborn, while standing up for our rights and keeping spending in check.

Dave knows government should protect our rights and allow us the freedom and opportunity to make our lives better. He understands that when government gets outside its proper boundaries, it needs to be restored to its core functions and run efficiently. Too much of what our state legislature does is off course and out of touch with the needs of common working people and businesses. As government spending has soared, many of our problems, including traffic congestion, have only gotten worse. One of Dave’s top priorities is to prioritize spending so local transportation needs can be funded while keeping taxes low and spending at or below current levels. 

He is a statesman, not a politician!

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