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Virginia Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts
The Senate Finance Committee voted 8-5 (1-A) to report HB2238, Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts, to the Senate floor with an amendment of reenactment. This would allow for additional time for the various details of the program to be addressed further. 
  1. Please contact your Senator TODAY to express your support for HB2238!

    Special interest groups that represent the education bureaucracy continue to oppose this bill, and similar bills that offer parental choice in education. Americans overwhelmingly support school choice: 70% in a recent Democrat poll! Let your legislators know that Virginians support school choice and options for parents, especially for those with special needs children. 
    We are thankful for the Virginia Conference of the NAACP, FreedomWorks, the Middle Resolution, Americans for Prosperity, VTPPF and the Lexington Institute for standing with us in supporting this bill. A special thank you to SEEDS, for making the trip to the capitol to stand for choice! 
  2. Pass this message on to your friends, and ask them to call and support HB 2238 as well!

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