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Education Savings Accounts Information




ESAs will allow parents of eligible children to sign a contract with the State that requires the parent(s) to withdraw a qualifying student from a public or charter school and, in return, receive 95% of the State’s portion of the per-pupil education funding, which is deposited quarterly to a savings account. The contract will require the parents to agree to provide the student with instruction in accordance with educational alternatives allowed by Virginia Code. Account expenditures will be restricted to defined educational expenditures. Parents must submit expenditure receipts. Account expenditures will be subject to audit. Improper use of funds will be subject to fines, penalties, and / or prosecution. 

More key information on my bill from 2017 is available on the "ESA's-at-a-glance" document here.

Virginia families should be free to choose a learning environment that works best for their student's unique needs - public or private, religious or secular - regardless of race, origin or family income. Education professionals and leaders from around the Commonwealth agree
In the House Education Committee, former Secretary of Education of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Gerard Robinson, articulated the benefits of education savings accounts for Virginians. He joined with others from around the Commonwealth in endorsing education savings accounts and other forms of education choice. The state, the schools, and the student will all benefit from #educationchoice!

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