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NOTICE: Northern Virginia Tax Increase

Northern Virginia Tax Increase Notice

$6 Billion in New Taxes

Tysons Corner Rail Boondoggle


Many Virginians are struggling financially.

The recent tax hike raised our taxes by $6 BILLION to fund four pet projects.

Dave will fight to keep our transportation taxes here to solve our congestion problems, rather than watch them go to pork projects scattered around the Commonwealth.

INCREASE for the average taxpayer*

 Just a few of the new taxes

 ·   residential grantors tax if you sell your home - you pay  $750

 ·   purchase of a new vehicle - you pay      $220

 ·   500 gallons diesel fuel - you pay    $44

 ·   1000 gallons of gas (2015) - you pay      $210

 ·   personal property tax (boats, camper, RVs) - you pay  $200

 ·   general sales tax - you pay    

 INCREASE PER YEAR (average household*)

*average taxpayer: Owns $25,000 personal property; $200 purchased from vending machines; owns $300,000 commercial or residential property; spends $500 on hotels, buys a $20,000 new vehicle in 2014; 1000 gal. gas@ $3.50/gal; 500 gallons diesel fuel @ $3.50/gal; $20,000 sales-taxable purchases


$6 billion wasted on four pet projects

1.)  $1.4 Billion for a 55 mile toll road parallel to existing Rt. 460 (Suffolk to Prince George)

2.)  $1.3 Billion to finish and four- lane Rt. 58, a road that carries only 7,900 cars daily

3.) $2.8 billion for the "Coalfields Expressway" in rural Southwest Virginia

4.) $450 million for a few years of payments to the Dulles Rail Project in Fairfax and eastern Loudoun


Quick Facts

  • A Virginia resident who may not even own a car has to pay more for road repairs when he buys a cell phone, a new shirt, or a hamburger.
  • The primary reason for Virginia's traffic gridlock is not a shortage of dollars but their allocation to inefficient and underused public transportation projects, according to an analysis based on Census data by transportation specialist Ron Utt.
  • Winners vs. Losers- the tax bill mostly enriches the transportation lobby—transit unions, real-estate developers and the construction industry—while hurting motorists and taxpayers.
  • Virginia legislators declined to alter the decades-old transportation funding formula for the allocation of money to VDOT construction districts: a formula that sends our money to other parts of the state.

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