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Local Transportation Projects

Current 33rd District transportation projects

Project map from VDOT's VirginiaRoads website



VDOT SmartScale FY2018 project applications interactive map


Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) "TransAction" Plan Project List

Clarke County

Updated July 2017

Route 340 (Lord Fairfax Highway) 
This project improves the connection of Route 340 in Clarke County Virginia with Route 340 at the West Virginia state line. The project includes widen the portion of Route 340 that is a two-lane facility to a four-lane divided highway in conjunction with the widening of Route 340 in West Virginia.
Estimated Cost: $3,249,000, Estimated Ad Date: Summer 2021, Project Manager: Matthew Dana, P.E., 540-332-9118

Town of Berryville - Swan Avenue - Safe Routes to School
This Safe Routes to School project benefits students walking and bicycling to Johnson-Williams Middle School. Project improvements include a sidewalk replacement and extension from the school drop off area to South Buckmarsh Street. Project includes pavement markings and ADA ramps along the route. Town of Berryville will cover project amounts above allocations of $61,357.
Contract Value: $68,800 Project Awarded: Spring 2017 Project Manager: Steve Damron, 540-332-7389


Frederick County 

Updated July 2017

Interstate 81 - Exit 315 at Route 7 Northbound Deceleration Lane Extension
This project extends the Interstate 81, exit 315, northbound deceleration lane. This project will improve safety, weave movements, and alleviate back-ups onto the mainline of I-81. SMART SCALE Applicant: WinFred MPO Estimated Cost: $643,134 Amount Requested: $643,134 Estimated Ad Date: Fall 2019 Project Manager: Anthony Pelina, 540-332-9575

Interstate 81 - Exit 323 Near WV State Line Acceleration and Deceleration Lanes
This project consists of the lengthening of the Interstate 81, exit 323 southbound on-ramp acceleration lane and taper and the northbound on-ramp deceleration lane and taper to improve weave movements and safety SMART SCALE Applicant: Winchester-Frederick County MPO SMART SCALE Funding: $3,450,904 Estimated Cost: $3,450,904 Estimated Ad Date: Fall 2019 Project Manager: Al Scott, 540-332-2264

Route 11 (Martinsburg Pike) and Route 661 (Welltown Road)Adds capacity on Route 11 with a third southbound lane between Interstate 81 and Route 37. UPC 100547 adds a turn-lane on Route 661 at the Route 11 intersection. The projects are being done concurrently for economies of scale and coordination efficiency. This SMART SCALE proposal increases capacity on Route 11 with the addition of a third southbound through lane between Highway 37 and Interstate 81, exit 317. The additional lane will also improve the operation and safety of the existing intersection with Route 661 (Welltown Road). A contract valued at $2,314,175 was awarded in January 2017 to General Excavation Inc. of Warrenton, Virginia. SMART SCALE Applicant: Frederick County SMART SCALE Funding: $1,078,947 Estimated Cost: $3,660,338 Contract Value: $2,314,176 Estimated Completion Date: Late 2017 Project Manager: Robert Good, P.E., 540-743-1420 

Route 655 (Sulphur Spring Road): This project reconstructs Route 655 (Sulphur Springs Road) from Route 50/17 (Millwood Pike) to Route 656. (UPC 59259 ) The project reconstructs a portion of Route 655 (Sulphur Springs Road) located in Frederick County, east of the City of Winchester, between Route 50 (Millwood Pike) and Clarke County. This area serves several residential communities and provides access to the Frederick County landfill. The improvements will provide better road alignment and turning movements. The improvements to the road include two 12-foot travel lanes and 6-foot paved shoulders. The road alignment will be slightly adjusted to straighten out a gradual curve. Right and left-turn lanes will be constructed on Route 655 at Routes 50 and Route 656. Also the box culvert on Route 655 at Sulphur Spring Run will be extended to accommodate the new turn lane onto Route 50. This project is funded for preliminary engineering and right of way. During construction the road will remain open, serving the county landfill. SMART SCALE Applicant: Frederick County Estimated Cost: $2,812,610 (UPC 111060) $8,502,836 (UPC 59259 ) SMART SCALE Amount Requested: $2,812,610 Estimated Ad Date: Fall 2018 Project Manager: Scott Alexander, P.E., 540-332-7758

Route 37 Bypass Study: This study is to define the Route 37 Eastern Bypass alignment. The project is 15.5-miles long and extends from the Route 37 southern end at Interstate 81 south to Route 37 east of I-81 north. The purpose of this study is to provide Frederick County with the preliminary alignment necessary to allow the County to plan industrial, commercial and residential developments in the area of the proposed Route 37 Eastern Bypass corridor. The alignment will include future interchanges at Warrior Drive (Future), Route 522 (Front Royal Pike), Route 50 (Millwood Pike), Route 657 (Senseny Road), Route 7 (Berryville Pike), Snowden Boulevard (Future), Interstate 81 and Route 37 (west of Route 11). The County has prioritized three segments for further engineering development: Segment 1: Route 37 - Interstate 81 to Route 522 Segment 2: Route 37 - Route 37 (Northern Termini) to Route 7 Segment 3: Route 37 - Route 522 to Route 7 Currently VDOT is performing a traffic analysis on Segment 1: Route 37 - Interstate 81 to Route 522; including evaluating interchange alternatives at Warrior Drive (Future), and Route 522 (Front Royal Pike). The traffic analysis should be complete in 2017. This project consists of the extension of Route 37 as a four-lane, divided facility for approximately 1.8 miles from the future intersection of Tasker Road to Route 522 (Front Royal Pike). The project includes a full diamond interchange at the future alignment of Warrior Drive and a half diamond interchange at Route 522. Estimated Cost for Preliminary Engineering Study Only: $2,463,376 Study Completion Date: 2017 Estimated Cost for Preliminary Engineering Phase 2: Will be part of SMART SCALE prioritization process. (Frederick County applied for SMART SCALE funding for Segnment 1 but was not selected.) $4,236,624 Project Manager: Thomas Marando, P.E., 540-332-7746



Loudoun County

Updated December 2017 (latest update in red)

 Rt. 7 corridor:

Route 7/Route 690 Interchange (Preparation of IJR and preliminary design plans):  Resubmittal of IJR went to VDOT and comments were received.  The IJR was submitted to VDOT Central Office for review and comment on 4/15/2015.  Notice was received by VDOT in early June that the IJR was approved by Central Office.  It now has to go to the CTB for approval.  The consultant submitted of 30% design plans in mid-September to VDOT.  County staff and Dewberry will meet with VDOT to discuss the issue of clearance with the height of the existing bridge over Route 7.  As it stands now, if the bridge is widened it may have to be replaced.  Staff received comments from VDOT and the Town of Purcellville on the 30% design plans.  This project will stop until additional funds are identified.  The Adopted FY2017 CIP has $4M for design of this interchange; funding will become available in July 2016 for design to commence.  County reviewing scoping document from Dewberry.  Design should begin by the end of July 2016.  County reviewed cost proposal for design and has requested additional information. Finance Government Services Operation and Economic Development Committee approved contract amendment for design services on November 15, 2016. Meeting was held with VDOT on December 16, 2016 to analyze the existing bridge over Route 7. Currently staff is working with VDOT to assess clearance and vertical alignment issues. No change. Dewberry has completed the alignment investigation; a follow up meeting with VDOT will be scheduled to discuss the bridge issues. The draft NEPA document was submitted to VDOT on June 30, 2017. County staff met with VDOT on June 23, 2017. Dewberry will survey existing bridge, perform core borings on Route 7 and perform a cost analysis to determine the outcome for the Route 690 bridge; a decision is anticipated to be reached in September/October 2017. The project schedule has been coordinated with VDOT, a RTA has been submitted, and environmental work has begun. The field investigation is complete; per the results, neither the bridge clearance nor paving thickness meet VDOT specifications. DTCI staff will schedule follow up meeting to discuss a possible design exception related to common sense engineering. A meeting with VDOT to discuss bridge the issues has been scheduled for October 16, 2017; cost estimates for different scenarios will be provided at this meeting. Costs for the bridge replacement were submitted to VDOT mid-December 2017. Comments on the NEPA document were received and addressed; resubmission occurred on November 15, 2017. The Project Administration Agreement was provided to the County on December 1, 2017.

Route 7/Williams Gap Road Turnlane: Preliminary engineering was authorized on January 9, 2015.  The project scoping meeting was held on February 12, 2015.  Survey work and geotech investigations complete.     The design will be done by VDOT in-house design team and is underway.   The Preliminary Field Inspection (PFI) was held on December 9, 2015.  The design public hearing is anticipated in the May-June timeframe. VDOT will be assuming the house on the adjacent property is historic and will consider impacts diminimus.  That finding will be sent to the Department of Historic Resources for comment.  A design public hearing will be held in late April or May, 2016.   The project is scheduled for construction advertisement in September 2017.  Design public hearing scheduled for April 19, 2016 at 6:30 to 8:30pm at Round Hill Elementary School.  Citizen comments accepted until May 5, 2016.  The Board of Supervisors endorsed the design of this project at their July 5, 2016 business meeting.  VDOT issued public hearing design approval on August 1, 2016.  Right-of-way plan resubmission being prepared. Right-of-way plan resubmission being prepared. VDOT received Federal authorization for right-of-way received on November 10, 2016. Right-of-way acquisition in progress. Utility relocation work is ongoing. The Pre Advertisement Conference (PAC) meeting is scheduled for June 14, 2017. The PAC meeting was held on June 14, 2017. The utility relocation work is complete. Preparation of the bid documents continues for advertisement in September 2017. Preparation of the bid documents continues for an anticipated September 26, 2017 advertisement. The project has been advertised. The contract was awarded to Tavares Concrete Company Inc.; construction is anticipated to start in December 2017.

Route 7 / Route 9 Interchange Modifications - Interchange modifications to improve traffic operations on eastbound Route 7, E. Colonial Hwy and Dry Mill Road during the AM Peak Period. A VDOT STARS study has found that reducing eastbound Route 9 to a single lane through the interchange and extending the eastbound Route 7 entrance ramp will reduce congestion along eastbound Route 7, eastbound East Colonial Highway and westbound Dry Mill Road during the AM peak. Next steps are to i) confirm Loudoun County would like VDOT to implement the modifications, ii) concur with a funding strategy (surplus funds from the Route 7 Truck Climbing Lane project) and iii) initiate Location Survey.

Route 7 Corridor Eastbound Improvement Study (between Purcellville and the Dulles Greenway) VDOT is conducting a study of the corridor of Route 7 from Route 9 to the Dulles Greenway through the STARS (Strategically Targeted Affordable Roadway Solutions) program.  VDOT’s consultant is in the final stages of preparing a draft report which will be available following a technical review of the report. VDOT’s study is intended to identify operational and safety improvements that can be programmed into VDOT’s Six-Year Improvement Plan for funding. In fall 2016, Loudoun County initiated a capacity analysis of Route 7 between Round Hill and East Market Street in Leesburg. The consultant recently completed an assessment of existing conditions, which the Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) is currently reviewing.  We expect to receive the draft report in June or July 2017; the report will likely be presented to the Board of Supervisors in September or October 2017.

Route 7/Battlefield Parkway Interchange - (Near, but not in 33rd District) Design and construction of grade separated interchange at Route 7 and Battlefield Parkway. The Town of Leesburg has allocated $1 million in FY 2014, $1 million in FY 2015 and $11 million in FY 2016 NVTA funding toward preliminary engineering and construction. VDOT has been requested to administer the project. Project scoping was held on March 11, 2015. VDOT selected Whitman Requardt & Associates as the design consultant. A scoping meeting was held with Town and County staff’s on September 3, 2015. A draft SPAA was sent to the Town of Leesburg to execute on November 13, 2015. The SPAA was approved by the Town of Leesburg and has been sent to VDOT’s Central Office. VDOT has signed the SPAA. Notice to proceed will be issued when federal authorization is received. Federal authorization was secured for preliminary engineering; notice to proceed for design was issued to Whitman Requardt on March 17, 2016. Coordination of traffic models with Route 15/Edwards Ferry Road/Fort Evans Road is underway. Traffic forecasting is underway. NVTA awarded $20M to this project in FY2017. Proceeding with IJR development. VDOT Project scoping meeting scheduled for Sept 14, 2016. Proceeding with IJR and alternatives development. Draft IJR is anticipated Summer 2017. A public information meeting is expected to occur in Spring 2017. A meeting is scheduled for April 24, 2017 to present the recommended design alternatives to the Leesburg Town Council. A Public Information Meeting was held Tuesday May 16, 2017 at John W. Tolbert Elementary School. At their June 27, 2017 meeting, the Town Council endorsed the Locally Preferred Alternative Single Point Urban Interchange for the Route 7 and Battlefield Parkway Interchange project including the preferred modification to the Cardinal Park Drive Intersection at Route 7 with right in and right out only and, authorized VDOT to Utilize a Design-Build Contract Method to Construct the Project. A meeting with the Cardinal Park Community was held on July 18, 2017. A PFI meeting is scheduled for September 28, 2017 at the VDOT District Office; a design-build Risk Assessment meeting will follow. The design-build risk assessment meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2017. The plans are being revised to address the PFI comments and the NEPA document is under way. The PFI meeting was held on September 28, 2017 and the design/build risk assessment meeting was held on October 12, 2017. The plans are being revised to address the PFI comments. The NEPA document (CE) is underway. The RFQ is scheduled to be issued in mid-December 2017. PH is expected to be held in February/March 2018. The project is on schedule for issuance of an RFQ on December 8, 2017. 12/8/17. The NEPA document remains underway. A VDOT Design Public Hearing is anticipated to occur in February/March 2018. The project is on schedule.


Route 9 Corridor: 

Route 9/Route 287 Roundabout:  The preliminary project design is funded using VDOT pre-scoping funds.  Survey work is completed.  A VDOT scoping meeting was held on 10/8/14. The geometrics of the area are requiring further analysis of the roundabout option.  The build alternatives are being re-examined and value engineered in search of cost savings.  The final traffic report comparing the performance of a roundabout to an expanded signalized intersection has been provided to the County for review.  County staff is in discussion on the design alternatives with VDOT.  The project was a submitted as a candidate for HB-2 funding.  It has not been recommended by VDOT staff for funding.  A meeting has been scheduled for mid-March, 2016 to discuss County comments.  VDOT and County staff met on March 17, 2016 to discuss design alternatives; additional analysis was requested in order to finalize the report, which is expected to be released at the end of April 2016. Supplemental analysis will be distributed in mid-May; final report will follow staff review of the additional information. County to provide direction to VDOT on preferred alternative. No change. An item will be presented to the Board of Supervisors at a future Business Meeting to select a design alternative. The County has requested a proposal from Wallace Montgomery to design the roundabout. A proposal from Wallace Montgomery was received by DTCI on June 28, 2017 and is being reviewed. Once the proposal is finalized, a Purchase Order will be issued to begin design of the roundabout. Staff continues to work with Wallace Montgomery to finalize the proposal. The Wallace Montgomery Purchase Order for the roundabout design is being processed by Procurement. The Purchase Order was issued on September 7, 2017. Field traffic counts are ongoing and a design kick-off meeting will be scheduled in October 2017. A kick-off meeting was held on October 12, 2017 with Wallace Montgomery to begin project design phase. Property owners have been notified of planned survey work.

Charles Town Pike Traffic Calming 
This project features roundabouts where Route 9 (Charles Town Pike) intersects with Hillsboro Road and Stony Point Road, as well as sidewalks, crosswalks, on-street parking, landscaping, decorative pavers, and raised intersections and other traffic-calming elements. The project is based on Hillsboro’s master plan, which envisions an inviting, pedestrian-friendly environment through the historic center of town.  This section of Route 9 is one lane in each direction with intermittent shoulders, curbs and narrow sidewalks. Vehicles must parallel park on shoulders, partially on sidewalks, or along the road. Hillsboro also has many buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places (the entire town is eligible) with many buildings only a few feet from the existing pavement. Most right of way through the town is 40 feet wide, with stone retaining walls in some locations. The project is designed to avoid or limit impacts to these types of physical and right of way constraints. Curb and sidewalks have been incorporated, with crosswalks and traffic-calming measures placed at specific locations. On-street parking is proposed at the western and eastern ends of town (back-in angle parking) with parallel parking at select locations. Single-lane roundabouts at Hillsboro Road and Stony Point Road serve as gateway treatments, signaling to motorists that they are entering historic Hillsboro. The eastern roundabout also serves as the new entrance to the Hillsboro Elementary School. The project only has funding for preliminary engineering and is awaiting additional funding to proceed to the right of way and construction phases. The Town of Hillboro and Loudoun County are submitted this project for SmartScale funding in Sept. 2016.

Route 15 Corridor: 

Route 15 Interchange at Edwards Ferry/Fort Evans Road:  VDOT has initiated a project administration agreement with the Town of Leesburg. The design contract was issued to HTNB. A scoping meeting was held on May 1, 2015. Traffic data collection is complete. The Town of Leesburg submitted the executed SPAA to VDOT on August 3, 2015. Preliminary engineering was authorized on November 2, 2015. Notice to proceed was issued to the consultant on November 10, 2015. A study group meeting was held on December 16, 2015. The Interchange Justification Report (IJR) framework document is underway. A stakeholder meeting is planned for the summer of 2016 with a public information meeting to follow. The next study group meeting is January 20, 2016. This project was submitted as a candidate for HB-2 funding. It has not been recommended by VDOT staff for funding. A public information meeting for this project is scheduled for March 10, 2016 at Leesburg Elementary School from 6:30 to 8:30pm. Public information was held; additional comments were received via internet. Proceeding with IJR development. Draft IJR expected in December 2016. Next public information meeting to be held in February 2017. Draft IJR was received January 2017. The next public information meeting is anticipated for March 2017. VDOT presented the design options to the Leesburg Town Council on February 28, 2017. The 2nd Public Information meeting was held on March 2, 2017. VDOT is reviewing comments submitted during the Public Information meeting. A follow up meeting with the Leesburg Town council was held as planned on May 8, 2017 to discuss on the design alternatives; Alternative “C” was chosen as their Preferred Alternative. A Value Engineering study was completed on May 10 & 11 2017; the study recommendations are anticipated to be available in July 2017, as well as the draft IJR. County staff intends to present an information item of the Town’s selected alternative to the Board on June 22, 2017. DTCI staff presented an information item on the Town’s selected alternative to the Board on July 6, 2017. The value engineering study recommendation approval by VDOT’s Chief Engineer is expected by the end of July 2017. The draft IJR submittal is anticipated to occur in early July 2017. The draft IJR was received and is being reviewed at the District Office. The PFI meeting August 9, 2017. The value engineering study recommendation by VDOT’s Chief Engineer is pending. The Value engineering study recommendation approval remains pending. The draft IJR review remains ongoing; staff is currently working through comments on the IJR. A PFI meeting was held on August 9, 2017. The design Public Hearing is anticipated to occur in Winter 2018. The plans are being revised to address PFI meeting comments. Work on the environmental documents continue. The Public Hearing is expected to occur in Winter 2018. Work on the environmental documents continue. The Public Hearing is expected to occur in Winter 2018. Work on the NEPA document and revisions to the plans to address PFI comments and value engineering recommendations continues. The Public hearing plans are under currently review; the Public Hearing is expected to occur in Spring 2018, assuming NEPA document is complete.

Route 15 Congestion Mitigation Improvements (Town/County/VDOT):  VDOT has identified pre-scoping funds to perform a more rigorous traffic study using the Town study from Wells and Associates as a base. VDOT staff issued a notice to proceed to VHB on May 26, 2015. The study is underway by VHB. The draft report is under review by VDOT staff. When they have completed their review, the report will be presented for discussion to County and Town of Leesburg staff. A meeting to discuss the consultant’s report is scheduled for mid-March, 2016 with VDOT, Town and County staffs. When a path forward is agreed to, the Chairman and District supervisors will be briefed to determine next steps. Staff from VDOT, Loudoun County and the Town of Leesburg met on March 17, 2016 to discuss the draft report; one of the proposed alternatives requires additional analysis and cost estimates need to be obtained in order to identify the recommended alternative. The County issued a task order contract to obtain cost estimates and additional analysis for each alternative; report to be issued in December 2016, project team to brief the Board of Supervisors in early 2017. Data collection is in progress; the study will capture traffic counts from two additional intersections on Business Route 15 (King Street) and include AM peak (southbound) traffic in the analysis. Traffic counts have been captured at additional intersections; field observations have been made. Traffic modeling in progress; study to be completed in early 2017. The study will be presented to the Board on May 18, 2017. Public input meetings were held on June 26, July 8th and July 15th. An item will be presented to the Board in September or October summarizing public comments and seeking approval on recommended alternatives. The initial round of public input meeting are complete and were attended by 239 people; 2,006 people took the on-line survey; the 1st Stakeholder Committee meeting was held on August 1, 2017, and the 2nd Stakeholder Committee meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2017. The public input concluded that the top concerns are congestion relief, safety, and access; the majority of citizens support widening between Battlefield Parkway and Whites Ferry Road; the majority of citizens prefer a grade separated interchange at King Street and roundabout at Whites Ferry Road. The Congestion Report is scheduled to go back to Board with the public’s recommendation in October 19, 2017. Traffic counts for northern segment will be completed in September 2017. The second stakeholder meeting was held on September 14, 2017. At this meeting, a small group exercise was held in attempt to identify areas of focus for safety and operational study; the next stakeholder meeting scheduled for November 16, 2017. An item will be presented to the Board for the Route 15 Congestion Report on October 19, 2017. An open house for the Route 15 CPAM is scheduled for October 25, 2017 in the Dulles Room at the Government Center. On October 19, 2017, the Board directed staff to coordinate with VDOT to implement the Phase 1 interim improvement (northbound auxiliary lane); work with VDOT to procure a design consultant for the remaining improvements; return to Board in first quarter calendar year 2018 with recommendation for specific improvements; and request funding participation from the Town of Leesburg. DTCI staff and Kimley Horn presented an item to Leesburg Town Council on October 23, 2017 and attended the Route 15 CPAM open house on October 25, 2017. The Stakeholder Committee met on November 16, 2017 to review the analysis for the flyover ramp and bow tie roundabout options. Additionally, a small group exercise was conducted to prioritize the congestion relief concepts and roadway/safety features for the Route 15 Safety and Operations Study. The County received a scope of work from ATCS for a signage and striping plan; the cost seems high, comments were sent on December 1, 2017. The documentation has been submitted to add the widening of Route 15 from Battlefield Pkwy to Montresor Road to the Constrained Long- Range Plan (CLRP). VDOT will conduct the Location Survey for the corridor to Montresor Road over the winter with anticipated funding from its Pre-Scope account. The Lucketts traffic calming project has been closed to further charges in order to preserve the remaining funds for use in the widening project. VDOT staff is reviewing the county’s application for NVTA funding.

Village of Lucketts Safety Project:
 The NEPA document is complete.  VDOT has obtained estimates for certain elements of the project.  A determination on what can be done with the remaining funding will be discussed.  VDOT reported that the federal government is looking to determine if there are adequate funds to get the project to the next phase or there could be ramifications to the State on use of the funds.  Awaiting results of the Route 15 Congestion Relief study to determine how to proceed with this project. PH on hold pending further coordination with county. No change.

Route 15 Widening Phase II (from south of Masons Lane at the southern corporate limits to Greenway Drive) – This 0.9 mile section will complete the 4-lane divided roadway south of the Leesburg Bypass. An early completion of spring 2017 was achieved.

Battlefield Parkway Trail Across the Route 15 Bypass - Construct a pedestrian crossing of the Route 15 Bypass at Battlefield Parkway.  The project will include sidewalk extension to the Bypass on the west, a trail extension from the Bypass to the east, and pedestrian signals and crosswalks at the Bypass. VDOT awarded the town a $726,000 Highway Safety Improvement Program grant for the project. Construction Start Date: Fall 2017 Estimated Completion Date: Spring 2018


Other Loudoun Projects: 

John G. Lewis Memorial (Featherbed Lane) Bridge over Catoctin Creek:  The Notice to Proceed with design was issued on February 14, 2017. The fifth stake holder meeting was held on April 19, 2017 at Old Waterford School at 6:30 p.m. The field site visit was held as planned on May 8, 2017. The Stage 1 bridge report submission is anticipated in July, 2017. The Stage 1 bridge report submission is anticipated in August 2017. VDOT completed its review of the Stage 1 bridge report and has provided comments to the consultants. The final Stage 1 report and responses to comments will be provided to the reviewers for final comment. The Stage 1 Report has been issued for final comments.

Forest Mills Road Bridge over Crooked Run:  The contract was awarded on February 28, 2017 and executed by VDOT on March 27, 2017. A pre-construction meeting was held on March 28, 2017. VDOT issued a road closure notice on May 2, 2017 stating that the bridge will be closed and a detour will be in place from May 3, 2017 through Fall 2017, which is the anticipated project completion date. Construction continues; substantial completion is anticipated mid-September 2017. Work continues to potentially open the bridge by mid October 2017. The new bridge was opened to traffic October 13, 2017.

Allder School Road Paving (Woodgrove Road to Hillsboro Road): The construction contract was approved by the Board on May 2, 2017; kick off and pre-construction meetings will follow with General Excavation, Inc. and Notice to Proceed is planned for mid/late June 2017. Notice to Proceed with Construction was issued to General Excavation on June 20, 2017. The contractor has mobilized, E&S and clearing are underway. The Ground Breaking Ceremony was held on July 25, 2017. Current work includes installation of the power conduit, cut and fill operations, tree clearing (which is approximately 90% complete), and Mobilization of the project trailer. Information about the Loudoun County project may be found at project is approximately 20% complete. Clearing and conduit installation for DVP has been completed. Relocation of the overhead DVP poles is ongoing and installation of the DVP underground conductor is anticipated to begin in mid-September. Completion of all DVP work is planned for mid-October. The project has received VDOT and LCPS approval for an early detour to possibly begin in September; final coordination of the detour is underway and notifications will be sent out once confirmed. This detour is anticipated to be in place for approximately six months. The bridge detour has been approved; a press release and notifications to residents have been issued. The detour began on October 2, 2017 and will continue through March 2018; the road will be closed between Ketoctin Church and Woodgrove Road. Construction activities continue; the project remains on schedule. Work on the bridge foundation and earthwork is ongoing. Base asphalt paving has begun on the east side of the project. Questions about the project may be directed to Loudoun County Construction Project Manager Kent Marrs at or 703-777-0817 

Round Hill to Franklin Park sidewalk and trail
Sidewalks and Shared Use Path along eastbound Business Route 7 to Franklin Park. A meeting was held on March 21, 2017 with the Round Hill Town Council to provide the status of right of way acquisition; right of way acquisition continues. Progress has been made on right of way acquisition; 17 out of 26 property owners have agreed to grant right of way and/or easements required for the project. Right-of-way agreements with 17 property owners have been reached; the County is having difficulty reaching agreements with the remaining property owners. The County is now working with Town of Round Hill on possible eminent domain for the remaining parcels. A joint bidding package for the County project and Town Main Street project is being prepared. County staff met with the Town of Round Hill on June 2, 2017 to begin development of a joint bid package for County project and the Town’s Main Street project. The County Attorney’s Office is preparing resolutions for eminent domain. An item will be presented at the July 12, 2017 Board Public Hearing to gain authorization for eminent domain. At the July 20, 2017 Business meeting, the Board authorized the use of eminent domain to complete right-of-way acquisition; right of way and easement negotiations continue. The County Attorney’s Office is working to finalize ROW acquisition; signed offer letters have been received on all properties except for two. A draft Invitation for Bid has been prepared and being reviewed by DTCI staff. The County Attorney’s Office is working to acquire right-of-way from one remaining property owner. DTCI staff is working with the Town of Round Hill on a project coordination agreement for the County to administer the Town’s Main Street Project. The County has reached agreement with all impacted property owners; the County Attorney’s Office is finalizing deeds and coordinating signatures. An advertisement authorization package is being prepared along with a Project Agreement for the County to administer Town’s Main Street project concurrent with this project.

Franklin Park to Purcellville Trail: Loudoun County hosted a public information meeting Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at Emerick Elementary School. Representatives of the Loudoun County Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) presented and discussed alignment options for the proposed bicycle-pedestrian trail. The approximately 1.1 mile trail is planned to go from Franklin Park to the vicinity of West Main Street and South 32nd Street in Purcellville. The Board of Supervisors approved funds to perform an alignment study and preliminary engineering for the trail in Fiscal Year 2015.  Based on the adopted Fiscal Year 2018 Capital Improvement Program, funds to acquire right-of-way and to construct the trail are planned for Fiscal Year 2022. 

Greggsville Road Rural Rustic Road paving project
Construction to start in Spring 2017. Construction is expected to commence in June 2017. The bids were opened on March 22, 2017; contract award to Kanawha Stone Company is proceeding. Construction is anticipated to begin in June 2017. Construction is underway. Construction is underway. VDOT intends to revise the limits of paving to between North Fork Road and Telegraph Springs Road; this change will be reflected in the proposed FY 2018-2023 Secondary Road Six-Year Plan. Construction is underway. Paving is complete and the punch list items will be finished in early December 2017. This project is complete and will be removed from future agendas.

Telegraph Springs Road: Paving portion of road as a rural rustic road
This project was added to the VDOT FY18-23 SSYP. The project paves from the intersection with Route 622 (Greggsville Road) to approximately 0.40 miles north of Greggsville Road where it ties into existing hard surface. Paving is scheduled for early November 2017 with project completion expected by the end of November 2017. The paving is complete and punch list items will be completed in early December 2017. This project is complete and will be removed from future agendas.

Town of Hamilton Pedestrian Improvements:
Bike/Ped facilities from South Hughes Street to Harmony Church Road. This is a Transportation Alternatives project managed by the Town of Hamilton. The design plans are 60% complete and right of way acquisition is underway. Construction advertisement is anticipated to occur in June 2018.

Loudoun County Gravel Roads Priority Enhanced Maintenance

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